6 August - 30 August 2009


Artists: Jesse Ash, Michal Budny, Liudvikas Buklys, Martijn in't Veld, Juozas Laivys, Matthew Smith, Apichatpong Weerasethakul

Curator: Daniella Saul

Jesse Ash
A Shared Blindness To A Matter Based on Chance (2009) is an octahedral object made from a photograph found by the artist. It is rolled each day by the curator. Each side corresponds to a different window in the gallery which in turn is altered, affecting the lighting conditions and visibility of the gallery space.
Review (2009) is the third version of an ongoing project where a critic is commissioned to review the exhibition before it has commenced.

Michal Budny
Mirror II (2008) is a small wood and ink piece resembling the lid of a small box propped upright. The piece was part of the previous exhibition at the gallery and was included into the current show by the decision of another artist, Liudvikas Buklys.

Liudvikas Buklys
Unpacked Painting (2009) will reveal itself only by request to the gallery staff.

Martijn in't Veld
The Space Is A Bookmark (2009) Henri Lefebvre’s book Rhythmanalysis will be read by the artist at home in Rotterdam with his own copy sent to him by the curator. The exhibition invitation-cum-bookmark will be inserted into another copy of the book in the gallery and will daily mark the artist’s progress in reading throughout the exhibition.

Juozas Laivys
Stormumriken 29 (2009) is a changing assembly of stills from a 1976 film Adventures of detective Kalle inside the gallery.
Stormumriken (2009) is a painted outline of a shadow on the façade of the gallery.

Matthew Smith
Untitled (2009) is a work composed of photographs and small wooden household objects whose installation is variable.

Apichatpong Weerasethakul
Mysterious Object At Noon (2000) will be screened in the gallery on the last weekend of the exhibition. “Mr. Weerasethakul's film is like a piece of chamber music slowly, deftly expanding into a full symphonic movement.” Elvis Mitchell (The New York Times, November 1, 2001).

Additional events and art works will be announced during the exhibition.

“Everywhere where there is an interaction between a place, a time and an expenditure of energy, there is a rhythm” (Lefebvre). Collapse, Collide, Combine: An Exhibition of Small Transitions starts and ends as an attempt to disturb rhythms. If the exhibition proclaims a disruption of rhythms, of small changes in time, the artwork may also allow itself a self-conscious movement between experimentation, research and potential completion within its own making. When the fixed is unfixed, implied and imposed by new actions of collision and combination, how can the artwork position itself as its witness?


©Gintautas Trimakas